Wall reader

With the Clex wall mounted reader, potential-free contacts (e.g. for electric door openers, electric locks, electric door and gate drives, elevators) are switched by means of a key shown without contact (passive transponder), by actuating an active transponder or with online devices by pushing a button in the Keyvi software.

The whole electronic system incl. switching power supply, key reader unit, analysis, control unit and switching relay is located on a compact unit that can be mounted in a simple flush-mounted box. It can be used as security version in connection with the security relay module (SRM) CX6930.

By means of different covers and housings (Gira S-Color, Gira TX-44, surface-mounted, flush-mounted), manifold installation possibilities can be realized.

Available as a version with up to 128 virtualizations. Via 16 remote modules, up to 128 relays can be authorized as individual units, e.g. for post office box systems or elevator controls. (This version can only be operated offline and in combination with access right on the key).

The wall mounted reader is available as flush-mounted and surface-mounted versions for the inside.

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