Clex public

Clex public is intended for partners who want to integrate Uhlmann & Zacher Clex locking units into their system. It helps the partners in creating customised  solutions.

Clex public offline

Clex public offline is a programmed firmware that can be easily customised for the partner. Many parameters are available for selection by default. These parameters can be combined together depending on the customer requirements and customised if required – thus the customers can be provided with individualised products in a quick and easy manner.

By customising the parameters, the Clex public offline system and works exactly as specified by the partner. In this way, it can be integrated with existing systems at any time. The parameters describe where the access rights are written on the transponder and how they are interpreted. With Clex public offline, the partner gets an individually configured firmware for the Clex locking units without having to develop them.

Available parameters (examples):

  • Card number
  • Version number
  • Time-based access right
  • Access rights for groups / group authorisations
  • Access rights for individual doors
  • Access rights for separate groups
  • Access rights depending on the profile
  • Validity period
  • Logging on the transponder

OSS Standard Offline

With the OSS Standard Offline, companies can now easily integrate
offline locking units of different brands and by different manufacturers into
their access control system. Companies are no longer bound to a specific
manufacturer and can choose those products that best meet their specific

Thanks to the standard, lock of different brands can read the same
permissions from the card and interpret them the same way.

Advantages of the new standard:

  • Easily use any offline locks of any brand in a system
  • Greater flexibility and more options for the clients
  • Compatible with LEGIC® advant and MIFARE® DESFire®

Clex public online

Doors can be integrated into access control systems using the Clex public online in a cost effective manner. Clex public online is an interface definition, which enables a connection between the ”master“ (e.g., access control system) and the ”slave“ (e.g., online module CX8932). Clex prime, Clex private and Clex public locking units can be integrated.

The user holds the ID in front of a knob module. The knob reads the ID number, sends it to the online module, which in turn passes this information via the interface to the access control system. If the access control system recognizes the ID, the cylinder engages.

Customer benefits:

  • Easy to install
  • Up to 16 locking units can be connected to one online module (only with RS485 Interface)
  • The Clex public online system can be combined with new or existing access control systems
  • Simple and cost-effective integration of additional doors into an existing access control system
  • Supports all the commonly available transponder types
  • Freely configurable: Both the transponder series number and „Data on Card“

RS485 Interface

The online module works like a ”gateway“ that sends the relevant commands from the online bus to the wireless network of the locking units and vice versa. This makes it possible to integrate electronic knob cylinders and door fittings into an online access network without using cables. Up to 16 locking units can be controlled using one online module (depending on the wireless connection range).

Wiegand / Clock-Data Interface

The Wiegand / Clock-Data interface can only transfer the read ID numbers to the access control. A 1:1 connection exists between the knob cylinders and the access control.

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