Clex private

Clex private is the electronic locking system for use in small buildings. Whether doctors' surgeries, law firms or private homes: with the proximity reader system from Clex private, the comfort and security of an electronic locking system is also possible in small fields of application.

The cylinders or wall readers are programmed via a service card in the Clex private system. The programming mode allows up to 1.000 transponders to be integrated into the cylinder or wall reader. Clex private does not have time zones, group or individual authorisations.

Clex private works with 125 kHz mediums such as HITAG and EM which can be interchanged within the system. In the MIFARE® variant, all ISO 14443 compatible 13.5 MHz mediums can be used.

Clex private works without a PC.

Clex private can be combined with the Clex prime system.

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