Clex prime

As an electronic locking system having a wide range of products, Clex Prime meets the diverse requirements of office, industrial and administration buildings as well as the requirements of public utility buildings like hospitals or universities.

Due to the modular design of the system, a building can be randomly extended in stages and upgraded to the latest technology. This is an advantage if you want to retrofit an existing building or a building that needs to be renovated gradually.

Thanks to the 13.56 MHz MIFARE® or LEGIC® technology, HITAG or EM, Clex prime is compatible with all the other systems. For example, access control, time recording and canteen billing can be directly integrated into the Clex prime locking system using just one ID card.   A further level of integration into external systems is possible using the Keyvi3 interface.

Clex prime can be combined with the Clex private system.

Locking systems having up to 60,000 cylinders and 60,000 keys are feasible in the Clex prime system.

Maximum flexibility is possible while granting authorizations.

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