Double-knob cylinder with evaluation electronics inside

Elektronischer Doppelknaufzylinder CX2182

The CX2182 is used as profile cylinder with electronic freely rotatable knob on both sides. Release is brought about on both sides by electronic authorization. The evaluation electronic system and the mechatronics are integrated in the electronic knob together with the batteries on the protected inside. Only the reader electronics including an antenna with optical and acoustic signals is present in the smaller outer knob, but there is no power supply or coupling mechanism.

The security version CX2182 is additionally equipped with special drilling protection mechanisms. Thus, the CX2182 is especially suitable for use in building entrance doors or other doors that need a mechanically higher level of protection against forced entry.

By means of the assembly of the CX2182 by means of a Euro profile cylinder, conventional locks for DIN Euro profiles can be used and complicated assembly is not required. This means that the double-knob cylinder is a favorably priced solution for both, new buildings and existing objects.

As key, most different transponder bearers can be used at the CX2182. These include for example: ISO card, key fob, key of the Clex cylinder.

The CX2182 double-knob cylinder offers the following extended system features:

  • Weekly schedules possible
  • Can be connected to the IDS module CX6934
  • Batteries can only be exchanged/removed with a suitable code to open the battery compartment.
  • Simple assembly and disassembly of the knob. This is only possible with a suitable right.
  • Sealed, water-protected knob in housing up to protection rating IP66

The CX2182 is especially suitable for tubular frame doors as it has a small knob (44 x 31 mm) on one side offering enough room for opening the door also with little backset. Because the cylinder has electronic access rights on both the sides, the small knob can always be used on the side of the frame door, which is not suitable for large knobs. However, the increased mechanical security against being forced open is available only on the attack side (smaller knob). As the small knob contains only the antenna, this product is especially suitable for the use at building entrance doors.

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