electronic knob module

Electronic knob module

The CX6120 knob module is the all-rounder in the field of the Clex prime electronic locking system. Identification at the knob module can be carried out both through passive transponders (without power supply) and active transponders with their own power supply, as the knob module has already been set up for 868 MHz wireless networking as standard.

The communication electronic system and the mechatronics are integrated in the knob module together with the batteries. In addition to the proven radio version (868 MHz), the Clex knob module is also available as a version with Bluetooth® low energy (2.4 GHz).

The electronic knob module CX6120 can be used as:

  • double knob cylinder with one-sided electronic authorisation(CX6122) - also in an anti-panic version (CX6122AP)
  • double knob cylinder with two-sided, separate electronic authorisation (CX6124)
  • electronic half cylinder (CX6126)
  • electronic furniture lock (CX6190)

Operating statuses 

The Clex knob module has four operating statuses:

Status 1: "disconnected“:
Normal status of the Clex knob module. When the knob is turned, the lock lug does not turn with it. The knob spins freely. The Clex knob module can be changed to the other statuses by holding the corresponding authorised transponder cards or keys in front of it.

Status 2: "connected":
The knob module is connected after an authorised card or key has been held in front of the module. When the knob is turned, the lock lug turns with it. After the knob has been turned the knob module immediately reverts back to the disconnected status.

Status 3: "battery change“:
After the battery change card has been held in front of the module it is possible to pull off the knob module cover to change the battery (see below).

Status 4: "installation“: 
In this position it is possible to install or dismantle the knob module (see below).

Flexibility through modular design

Assembly of an electronic locking cylinder
CX6120 knob module + cylinder + mechanical knob = electronic double-knob cylinder CX6122

The complete electronics including reader unit and batteries as well as the mechatronic coupling are located in the knob module. The parts inside the cylinder housing required to couple the lock lug are purely mechanical.

Thanks to the modular design of the Clex prime system components, assembling the knob module in a cylinder requires no special knowledge. Thus every locking system fitter can install a complete locking system by themselves according to the modular principle (see image above).

The flexibility is thus increased further as alternatively the cylinder body can also be constructed in a modular fashion. Cylinder body modules are available in the lengths 26mm and/or 30mm to 70mm in 5mm variations so that all possible cylinder length combinations from 26mm/26mm to 70mm/70mm can be manufactured with only 10 different bearing parts. 

The Clex knob module offers the following special functions:

  • battery change only with special authorisation card
  • installation and dismantling only with assembly transponder card

In order to install a knob cylinder in a lock at least one knob must be in the dismantled condition. After the cylinder has been inserted through the lock, the knob must be installed and secured against removal.

The Clex knob module settles this problem with a handle. First the knob module is set to the "installation" operative position by swiping the installation transponder card in front. Then the knob module is inserted into the cylinder and turned in two complete turns. After that you hold an authorised card in front of the module in order to set the operative position from "installation" to "disconnected". The knob module is now installed and safe from removal. 

The other way round, dismantling is performed by holding the installation transponder card in front of the knob module and setting the status to "installation". The knob module can be removed by turning and pulling the knob slightly. 

Even the batteries can only be changed by an authorised person. After the battery change transponder card has been swiped, the knob module goes into the "battery change" status. Only in this status is it possible to pull of the cover of the knob module, in order to get access to the batteries. The cover cannot be dismantled when the module is in the normal status.

The Clex knob module has the following advanced system features:

  • Time switches and day access possible
  • Permanent coupling (toggle function) possible
  • Can be connected to the IDS module CX6934
  • Batteries can only be changed/removed with the right authorisation to open the battery compartment.
  • Simple assembly and disassembly of the knob. This is only possible with a suitable right.
  • Sealed, water-proof knob in housing up to protection class IP66 (depending on the version)
  • Transponder types:125 kHz: EM4200, EM4450, HITAG 1/HITAG S, Aktivtransponder (868MHz); 13,56 MHz: MIFARE® Classic, MIFARE® DESFire®, LEGIC® prime, LEGIC® advant, Aktivtransponder (868MHz); 13,56 MHz (2,4 GHz Bluetooth® low energy): MIFARE Classic®, MIFARE® DESFire®
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