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CX6192 electronic locker lock

The universally applicable CX6192 electronic locker lock has an integrated standard lever lock and guarantees a simple installation. The CX6192 locker lock can be used in all cabinets and lockers with a door thickness of up to 20mm.

During the in-house development of the CX619, much emphasis was placed in particular on a simple installation and operation as well as comprehensive application possibilities of the new electronic locker lock. Thus standard values were adopted, the requirements of the market were integrated and these were joined together with the system advantages of the Clex prime electronic locking system. The battery is secured mechanically (special tool) against unauthorized removal. The housing is completely manufactured in plastic.

The end-stop can be installed on the right or the left as required. An additional screw ensures that the lock is fixed in place. The battery compartment can be accessed from outside and is opened using a special tool and the batteries are changed as required. The lock is powered through a conventional 3.6 V AA lithium battery. This should power up to 180.000 locking operations.

Most different transponder bearers may be used as a key at the Clex cabinet lock. These include for example: transponder card and transponder key fob.

The Clex cabinet lock has the following advanced system features:

  • Engagement behavior
    The motor engages if authorized. If the lever is moved to a different position during the adjusted closing time, the motor disengages immediately. If the position isn’t changed during the closing time, the motor disengages again.
  • The Clex cabinet lock has advanced setting options in order to meet the specific requirements of cabinet locks. On the one hand, it includes extensions of the usable key (also without access right or keys that do not belong to the locking system – free selection of locker) and, on the other hand, keys can be defined that can open cabinet locks allocated to other keys. The latter is implemented using a general priority for access rights system key (Clex prime priority) or by configuring a priority group – if neither of these two settings is configured, then the Clex cabinet lock can be opened only with the key used for locking it. In addition, a onecabinet- restriction can be configured (each key may only be allocated to one cabinet lock) and enable the mailbox function (opening and blocking the cabinet lock using only one access right operation).
  • Transponder types: 125 kHz: EM4200, EM4450, HITAG 1/HITAG S, Aktivtransponder (868MHz); 13,56 MHz: MIFARE® Classic, MIFARE® DESFire®, LEGIC® prime, LEGIC® advant, Aktivtransponder (868MHz); 13,56 MHz (2,4 GHz Bluetooth® low energy): MIFARE Classic®, MIFARE® DESFire®
CX6192 electronic locker lock
CX6192 locker lock
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