Clex Electronic Door Fitting in the Clex prime System

The Clex door fitting is compatible with numerous European lock standards. The different widths allow it to be used in all popular doors such as wood, steel and aluminum doors as well as doors with narrow frames having a backset of more than 25 mm. The CX6174 is therefore suitable for new buildings as well as for existing properties and because of its timeless and elegant stainless steel design, the CX6174 blends perfectly with every environment.

The wide fitting is mainly suitable for existing doors, because existing holes are covered, whereas the narrow version is especially suited for use in tubular frame doors. The door fitting with short plate is especially suitable for installation in fire and smoke resistant doors, because the hole layout exactly matches the standard holes for short plate fittings.

In addition to the proven radio version (868 MHz), the Clex door fitting is also available as a version with Bluetooth® low energy (2.4 GHz).

The reader unit with communication electronics as well as the mechanics and the power supply is located directly in the door handle.

As key, most different transponder bearers can be used at the Clex door fitting. These include for example: ISO card and key fob.

The electronic door fitting has the following extended system features:

  • Time switching/daily releases possible
  • Permanent engagement (toggle function) possible
  • Can be connected to the IDS module CX6934
  • Suitable for outdoor use (only for MIFARE® and LEGIC® transponders)
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