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Efficiency and long-term cost savings play an important role in deciding on a locking system. Administrators in public management have to find a solution that is consistent with the given situation, will develop with it and is forward-thinking: even if the current operating locking system should be gradually replaced with a modern electronic locking system, Clex prime is always the right choice.

Mifare transponder card
CX6320 transponder card

One for all – MIFARE® DESFire®

At universities, the smooth interplay of various locking and authorisation options is essential. The 13.56 MHz MIFARE® DESFire® transponder is able to manage several applications on its memory. The transponder has a multitude of uses in universities:

University staff can use the card as identification, for time recording, as parking authorisation in the staff parking facilities, as a means of payment in the canteen and as an authorisation card for office doors.

At registration, students receive an ID card that serves as a means of payment in the student catering facilties, as a library card and also as a student ID.

Cards grant professors and lecturers entry into their relevant labs, lecture halls and offices. They can use them as authorisation in car parks or as a means of payment in the canteen.

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