Security in residential property management

Managing keys in the housing industry occupies a top position in a residential property company's statement of costs. Keys go missing, the tenant structure is constantly changing, new keys have to be assigned or old keys have to be requested back. It is difficult to keep on top of all this with a conventional locking system. Wouldn't it be nice if there was a system that took all this into account: Clex Paco.


Clex Paco
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Clex Paco - the future today

Clex Paco means security, cost savings and a clear overview.

With the electronic locking system Clex Paco

  • there are no longer unauthorised copies of keys
  • locking systems can be easily expanded
  • no more cylinders have to be changed or expensive spare keys ordered
  • maintenance and administration processes can be reduced

The high initial investment for electronic entry systems compared with mechanical locking systems is soon amortisized by the optimisation of processes in current operation. A crucial aspect in considering the overall life cycle of a property which is becoming more and more significant.

Paco system house
Paco system house

Security meets organisation

As well as Clex Paco for key management, other entry and recording systems can be integrated in the Paco system house for the whole residential property.

Solutions in the field of power consumption, post box vestibules or refuse management are achieved in the Paco system by other Paco system partners.

More information on this can be obtained directly from PACO unlimited.

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