Safety and security

In modern, single-family houses, technology is becoming more and more a part of daily life. As well as light and energy management, it should no longer be considered a luxury to be able to go online in every room. Alarm systems can be armed or the heating turned up via mobile phone, so a modern locking system should not be lacking. Clex private offers suitable solutions for smaller premises such as doctors' surgeries or practices.

Electronic double knob cylinder
installed CX2122

The knobs of the electronic cylinders come in a selection of natural surfaces to match the rest of the property: whether a modern style in stainless steel look or classic elegance in rough brass. The miniaturised cylinders and readers blend harmoniously into the design of the property.

Electronic door handle
CX6172 electronic door handle

Clex private: simply safe

The electronic door handle can be effortlessly installed by homeowners. The installation in doors – without need for wiring or special tools – is quick and easy. Using a service key (either a key or card) up to 1.000 keys/cards can be authorised.

One for all

Even in private houses or small premises with a conventional locking system you always end up with lots of different keys, for example for the front door, the back door, the garage door and possibly office doors or the copy room. So it is good when you only need one locking medium with Clex private: the transponder. It can be used with all cylinders and wall readers in the Clex private product range.

Electronic furniture lock
CX2190 furniture lock

Security in detail

With Clex private, a high degree of security is guaranteed right down to the smallest detail. The CX2190 furniture lock completes the system by also securing sensitive areas such as filing cabinets containing confidential documents or medicine cabinets.

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