Clex prime: flexibility of the highest order

The modern design of office premises requires a high level of flexibility, also when it comes to the locking system. Investors lease the spaces to changing tenants who have different requirements for the space. Tenants may decide to upsize or downsize. So it is good when you can rely on a locking system to adapt to these changes. Clex prime is designed for this purpose and its broad range of products seamlessly adapts to changing requirements.

Change tenants at the click of a mouse

When a change of tenant is imminent, the facility management must act quickly. An immediate update of the locking plan is therefore essential in order to ensure the security of the building. Thanks to Keyvi, the Clex prime locking system has a management software which enables building managers to configure new keys straight from their work station via their PC as required. Integrating new requirements into the locking system can be performed promptly - and at no cost.

Don't worry about lost keys

Even lost keys no longer threaten the security of the whole building with the Clex prime locking system. Simply reprogram the key on the CX6520 programming station and the lost key is immediately invalid.

CX6122 electronic locking cylinder

The use of the electronic locking systems CX6122 and CX6124 is particularly common in office and administration buildings. The CX6122 is integrated into office doors in particular as a double-knob cylinder with a one-sided electronic authorisation.

CX6124 electronic double-knob cylinder

In practice, this solution links well with the CX6124, which as a double-knob cylinder has the option of a double-sided, separate authorisation. This is particularly advantageous in connecting doors.

Further products from the Clex prime product range such as the CX6130 wall reader complete the locking system in office buildings. The wall reader enables the control of parking barriers or lifts or can even be used as a means of payment in the canteen.      

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