Changes in the locking system? - Keep an eye on the whole picture!

In times when money is in short supply and there are considerable changes in the health system, it is all the more important for the hospital management to choose a locking system that is efficient and does not add extra costs. Clex prime fulfills these requirements and enables managers to keep an eye on the status of the locking system at all times.

Electronic locking system programming
CX6520 programming station

Clex prime: time for the important things

Efficiency means: "time for the important things“ – and in a hospital that is patient care. So that doctors, nurses and administrators can work efficiently and the high level of medicine can be upheld, there is a special Clex prime product solution for every field of application in the hospital. Together with the Keyvi software, Clex prime guarantees quick action and implementation of changes at all times and reliable monitoring of the locking system. 

CX6190 electronic furniture lock
CX6190 furniture lock

Monitoring medicines– 

The highly-sensitive area around the medicine cabinets can be kept under direct supervision with the CX6190 furniture lock. The connection to the rest of the  Clex prime locking system gives hospital administrators the security that is needed in the everyday running of a hospital. 

Wall reader
CX6130 wall reader

Peace and quietness for babies

So that even the smallest patients can sleep in peace and quiet, Clex prime ensures that only authorised personnel gain access to the nursery. When they are admitted to hospital, new mothers are given a card which gives them access to the nursery. The access authorisation is then withdrawn when the mothers are discharged.


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