Fields of application

Every property has its own special requirements for the locking system: whether hospital buildingsuniversitiesresidential properties, office complexes, industrial buildings or private residential properties. What is important is that all people using the property find a system which enables an error-free operation of the locking process and also ensures the security of the property.

It's great when there's a system to match every demand and requirement.

What's remarkable is that the products are so compatible that it is possible to extend the system further at any time. Even if the first step begins initially with a single solution.

fileadmin/_migrated/media/Buero_klein.png Office and Co.
fileadmin/user_upload/Bilder/Misc/Themen-Banner/Klein_Industrie.jpg Industry
fileadmin/user_upload/Bilder/Misc/Themen-Banner/Klein_Krankenhaus.jpg Hospitals
fileadmin/user_upload/Bilder/Misc/Themen-Banner/Klein_Universitaet.jpg University
fileadmin/user_upload/Bilder/Misc/Themen-Banner/Klein_Wohngebaeude2.jpg Resident. houses
fileadmin/user_upload/Bilder/Misc/Themen-Banner/klein_Eigenheim.jpg Private homes
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