Our roots


Establishment of Uhlmann & Zacher GmbH
Business partners Martin Uhlmann and Marc Zacher establish Uhlmann & Zacher GmbH with the business concept of developing hardware and software as well as the distribution of computer hardware.


Development of locking system management
Management software for simple electronic locking systems is developed for different manufacturers.

Electronic locking cylinder
Günter Uhlmann invents the electronic locking cylinder which can be employed instead of a mechanical locking cylinder without requiring changes to the door or lock. The transponder technology is used as a means of identification in cards and keys.


Electronic locking system
Under the leadership of the other business partner Carl Scheuermann, a locking concept for the management of electronic locking systems is developed, whose components do not need to be linked online. The locking systems are centrally controlled through a software with database. Data exchange with the electronic cylinders takes place through a virtual network. Authorisation is programmed directly onto the keys on the central computer.


Patent issued for electronic locking cylinder
The German patent DE19603320 for the electronic locking cylinder with centrifugal clutch is issued.


Relocation to new company premises with production facilities
During the first half of the year, all departments of Uhlmann & Zacher GmbH (production, final assembly, development, internal services and management) moved to the premises at 2-4 Gutenbergstraße, in Waldbüttelbrunn, Germany.


Development of a Europe-wide retailer network
From January 2004, a Europe-wide network of retailers is developed for Uhlmann & Zacher products.

Clex knob module world innovation
In March 2004, the world innovation, the Uhlmann & Zacher Clex knob module, is introduced at the International Hardware Fair in Cologne. The Clex knob module is received with enthusiasm from all visitors to the Uhlmann & Zacher booth.


High security cylinder
In March 2006, the high security cylinder CX6142 is introduced, which combines the highest mechanical security with electronic flexibility.

The CX6190 furniture lock from the "Clex prime" product range

Whether doctors' surgery or office desk: with the CX6190 furniture lock from the Clex prime product range from Uhlmann & Zacher, now furniture can also be integrated into the electronic locking system. Even medicine cabinets can be monitored in this way. Misuse can be easily determined through the event log.

The furniture lock is developed in such a way that the square guarantees combination with conventional cupboard locks and can be easily installed by superimposing it onto the actual lock.


Cooperation with PACO unlimited AG

As of 23.05.2007, Uhlmann & Zacher GmbH joins forces with PACO unlimited for its new product range Clex Paco and thus expands the access and clearing system for the real estate industry. The product range PACO unlimited broke from Aareal Bank Group on 01.08.2007 and has since been an independent company under the name PACO unlimited AG with headquarters in Langen.

Further developments in 2007

  • Development of the wall reader CX6130 as a security option
  • With its Clex prime knob modules, Uhlmann & Zacher is one of the first providers of electronic offline solutions which fits its products with MIFARE® DESFire®


Introduction of the automatic programming terminal CX6550 at the trade fair Security in Essen.


Introduction of the wireless cylinder CX6152 wireless cylinder, which can be addressed via fingerprint or wireless transponder

Introduction of the active function transponder CX6362, which as well as opening functions also has further features through a "one button operation"

Clex prime supports LEGIC advant through the secure reading technology in accordance with ISO 15693 and 14443.


Formation of the security network and thus introduction of the CX6920 access point. In conjunction with the current CX6520 programming station, different wireless networks can be created.

The security cylinder CX6142 VdS is approved by the German Association of Damage Prevention (VdS) as an electronic locking cylinder with Class BZ withdrawal protection under number M110314.


The knob module CX6120 incorporates the new LEGIC® reader component 4200 and therefore makes use of the advantages of the small chip size and the low power consumption for the electronic cylinders at consistent support of the reading techniques with the standards of ISO 15693 and ISO 14443.

Launching of the ClexTouch software for tablet PCs with touch-screen. Easing of the facility management through comprehensive software tools.

A new version of the CX6122 as CX6122 AP-M combines possibilities for the outside protection of the building for emergency exits with controlled openness from the inside by using a newly developed mechanical end of the cylinder (CX6710 AP-M).


At Uhlmann & Zacher there work almost 50 employees.


More than 300,000 electronic locking systems "made by Uhlmann & Zacher" are already being reliably used. Uhlmann & Zacher is one of the most rapidly growing suppliers of electronic locking systems in Germany.


Opened a branch office in France "Uhlmann & Zacher France SAS" in May.

In addition to locking and unlocking doors, the Clex Knob Module can now enable and disable intrusion detection systems (IDS) via the IDS module CX6934 using an authorized transponder.

Launch of the new security cylinder CX6182 with evaluation electronic system integrated on the inside.

With the new Keyng1 Administration Software CX2530, U&Z offers yet another means of programming and managing a Clex private locking system, in addition to the established Learning/Clearing System.

Personal belongings or valuables can now be easily secured using the new LEHMANN cabinet lock CX6194.

First presentation of the new electronic door handle CX6172/CX6174 at the Security Essen.


Uhlmann & Zacher celebrates 25 years in the business. The electronic door handle CX6172 goes into production and wins several prices.


Introduction of the Access Point LAN/WLAN CX6940/42 at the trade fair Security in Essen.


Start of construction for extending the main building in Waldbuettelbrunn. The total area is doubled by the new section of the building. More space is created for offices, production and warehouse areas. A modern high-rack warehouse makes logistics more efficient.

Uhlmann & Zacher wins awards yet again: The new electronic door fitting CX6174 with short plate wins the bronze PROTECTOR Award and the GIT SECURITY AWARD. The awards confirm the innovative strength.


More than 600,000 electronic locking units „made by Uhlmann & Zacher“ have already been successfully installed. Uhlmann & Zacher is one of the fastest growing manufacturers of electronic locking systems in Germany with a strength of more than 100 employees.

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